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First of all, if you are reading this and you are a working mom who juggles it all and tries to meet all expectations, both in your professional and personal life... you might feel overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed out.

Well, I've been there and I know how that feels like. However, I am on the other side now and I'd love to support you to get there as well without all the hussles and the years of time that it took me. 

​After many years of teaching companies and strategic management teams how to lead, make impactful decisions and rule the day, I am now using my knowledge and experiences to help female professionals to stop running like they're living in a hamster wheel and start being fully in charge or their life. In order to create a good work-life balance, more rest, fulfillment and happiness.

I want my clients to feel empowered, on top of things and resilient, because that's the foundation of creating a sustainable balance, more energy and happiness.  


Mrs. O. Hermans MA
Leadership and Career Mom Coach | Founder IBusinessMom | Learning & Development 


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I always loved an international and educational component in my life. During my two studies, I participated in various educational projects and international exchange programs, such as an Erasmus-exchange at the Tampere University, Faculty of Political Science, Finland. The best part of that was meeting so many interesting people.

During all my exchanges abroad and educational projects, I've learned a lot and build wonderful friendships. Being surrounded with people from all over the world was extremely inspiring. This is one of the reasons I created the international community: The Working Moms Club. 


After graduating from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences (BA) and Utrecht University (MA), I started working at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as a policy advisor International Affairs. Although my job role here was fulfilling, I missed the direct impact of helping people in a more personal and practical way.


I switched to corporate businesses as a Trainer-Advisor. During the last seven years of my corporate life, I worked as a Trainer-Consultant Learning & Development and specialised in Strategic Safety- and Crisis Management.


I developed and guided hundreds of learning activities for management teams and CEO's. I have seen around 100+ organisations from the inside, e.g. universities, health care institutions, financial organisation, governmental organisations and 'safety regions' (Veiligheidsregio's). I developed complex crisis scenarios and trained people in how to deal with them.  


Now you might think: What does strategic crisis management has to do with creating a good work-life balance? Well, let me tell you!

Crisis management is about leadership, course setting, trust, creating order in times of chaos and decision making. In fact, creating a good balance and more in your life as a busy working mom is exactly the same!

When I had to combine my career and motherhood, my work and private life grew out of balance quickly in the first years. I set my standards too high and had too little boundaries. Basically I wasn't in charge.  

I could perfectly explain to crisis management teams how to lead and stay focussed in complex situations, but I found transferring that to my new life as a working mom very difficult. Why was this so difficult?

One of the reasons creating a healthy work-life balance as a mom is difficult, is because you actively need to reset your standards, discover your boundaries, be able to say No and set new rules of your life-game. In order to create a healthy balance, you must know who you are and what you find important. You must become the best CEO of your life and be able to make impactful decisions (even if you think that people won't like you). The thing is... NO-ONE teaches you this.

I discovered that the theories and best practices I taught to companies were also applicable on personal level. I started to put these into practice and translated my work experiences to help me in my personal life. I began to make powerful decisions and created order and a clear focus for myself. As a result, I am now the true CEO of my own life and have a work-life balance that is supportive and fulfilling. 



It is my goal to share my experience and knowledge to support female professionals in their path towards:

  • Strong personal leadership skills

  • Working smarter and more efficiently

  • Reducing stress and overwhelm

  • Being the best CEO of their own life

  • A healthy work-life balance that is fulfilling

  • More rest and happiness

Why? Because I believe that:

  • Too many women struggle with the same challenges

  • Too many women work too hard because they want to meet all expectations 

  • Women who work demanding jobs, while giving maximum love, care and support to their child(ren) are simply amazing and deserve to enjoy life to the max.  


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