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Leadership & Balance Program

Welcome to Premium 1-1 Coaching. The start of your dream balance, feeling empowered and more rest, so that you can experience more happiness and fulfillment, both at home and in your career.  

Too many professionals with young child(ren) experience physical and mental health issues as a result of stress and the daily ratrace. 1 in 5 employees even has to cope with burnout. Why? Because it's difficult to create a healthy work-life balance, especially when you combine the care of young child(ren) and a demanding job. Your belief that you have to keep everyone happy and the need to meet expectations make it even more difficult. 

It is absolutely normal that your season of life is a juggle. You fulfil 101 roles, you’re always ‘on’ and that makes you tired, overwhelmed and out of balance. You would love more time for yourself to recharge, but… how? You would love to able to create that balance that you deserve so you feel more energized. You would like to be more in charge of where you spend your precious time and energy, but… how?

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One thing you should be aware of is: if you continue running the ratrace like you do now, there’s a realistic chance you'll pay a high price in the long run being physical and mental health issues. That's not what you want.

What you DO want is: Creating a Balance that WORKS for you. A feeling of being fully in charge, feeling powerful and resilient. Let me be the one to tell you that it IS possible. You can be the best mom for you child(ren) and be successful in your career, without having to get stuck in the ratrace.

With Premium Coaching you will invest in your personal leaderhip skills, your energy management, your ability to make impactful decisions and how to get more done in your work by doing less. I am here to help you get FULLY back in charge, so that you can create the balance and life that you deserve. 

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Premium Coaching of IBusinessMom is the most comprehensive, leadership based, coaching program specialised in women who juggle career and motherhood. As an ex-corporate girl with 15 years of experience in Training & Coaching, who can relate to your career dynamic and mom challenges, I am here to guide you step by step in your journey to a healthy work life balance, more rest and success without getting stuck in the ratrace. 

So ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you often feel too busy, not in charge of your day and pleasing everyone around you?

  • Are you constantly crossing your boundaries and putting everyone else at No. 1 except yourself?  

  • Do you often feel tired, overwhelmed or stressed out?

  • Would you like to create more rest and time for yourself and invest more time in things that GIVE you energy in stead of taking your energy?

  • Mom guilt is getting you to often, because you're with your mind with your kids when you ar at work and vice versa. 

  • Do you want to feel more resilient at work and connected in the time with your kids?

  • Do you want to create a healthy work life balance that SERVES you


If you answered most of these questions with Yes, you are at the right place my friend. I'd love to support you how to move from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed to fully in charge, in balance and energetic. I will give all the knowlegde, practical tools and tips how you can be fully in charge and be the best CEO of your life. 


"Working with Octavi is like working with a coach, strategist, cheerleader and friend all rolled into one! The Coaching Calls were so comfortable and natural. Who isn't a little bit unsure of how candid they'll be able to be with someone they've never met?! She's relatable. She understands. She's been there.

Octavi helped me really tap into what depletes versus brings me energy — and most importantly, helped me recognize how to protect my energy. She will support you in creating the work-life balance that every working mom dreams of, and absolutely deserves. Thank you, Octavi! Thank you for listening, validating, coaching, strategizing and encouraging ... I so appreciate you, and the joy I've found!"


Kristen Needle (Marketing & Communication Manager)

premium coaching

How does it work?

The Premium Coaching Program includes 6 Live Coach Calls (preferable every two weeks), a high end online coach environment (with supportive documents, recordings of our sessions, shared notes etc.), practical Tools and a step-by-step path towards maximum results.

Although I work with a clear step-by-step approach with relevant topics and point of focus each week, the program will be customized to your situation and needs, so that you'll experience maximum value. Together we will work on the topics such as energy management, productivity, mindset management and how to decrease stress in a sustainable way. So that you can experience and immense change, a dream balance an more rest in a matter of weeks!  

You can plan your first coach session today! Everything is designed to make things as easy and effective as possible. The only thing you need to do, is to show up.  

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Premium Coaching is for you when:

  • You combine a demanding job and motherhood, you're always 'on' and you have too little time to recharge. 

  • You do a great job in managing it ALL every day, but in the meanwhile you notice that stress and overwhelm are getting on top of you. 

  • You find it difficult to relax. You are always busy, because you want to keep everyone happy around you. 

  • You have too little time for yourself and find it difficult to put yourself and your needs on Number 1. 

  • You would love to spend some more time to things that REALLY bring you joy, fulfillment and happiness. 

  • You often feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed or out of balance due to running around all day.

Are you ready to create a healthy work life balance, more rest in your life and resilience so that you feel fully in charge?

"Premium Coaching has been life transformational. Everything Octavi taught me about how to develop my personal leadership skills, setting my goal and clear steps to achieve it, have been very valuable and it has been a wonderful experience. Her tools have been amazing and professional. The coach sessions are recorded and uploaded in the online environment if you wish, which was really helpful. 

In the end coaching is all about taking action and moving forward yourself and Octavi is an excellent professional to support you with the tools to create a healthy work life balance. Octavi, thank you for all you did for me."


Anastasia Mann (Marketing Consultant)


After the Premium Coaching Program:

  • You will feel more powerful, energetic and resilient. You'll be able to be the best mom AND be that succesful professionally

  • You have a clear view of what you want and why. You have set a crystal clear goal for youself that is exciting and energizing.

  • You'll feel more connected with yourself and what you want. 

  • You are able to get our of your head more and into your feeling. You'll feel more relaxed from a basis of 'being in charge'

  • You have boosted your personal leadership skills by having a clear personal compass and the ability to make impactful decisions

  • You are able to set your boundaries when needed from a place of trust, empowerment and clarity

  • You are more succesful in your job by doing less, effective task management and strategic communication. 

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If you keep doing what you always did, you'll have the results you always got. 

Also for YOU it's possible to be more in charge of what fills your day and to create the balace you always dreamed of. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you can be more succesful every day.



When you start Premium Coaching, you will get:

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  • 6 personal online video Coach Sessions van 45 min

  • Summary and motivating exercises after every session

  • Instant access to your personal coach environment + life time access

  • Recordings of sessions when requested (uploaded in online environment)

  • Quality supportive documents that are easy to use

  • 5 days a week whatsapp support when needed 

  • A clear step-by-step program to help you creating your dream balance, more rest and energy!

"For years I wanted to do everything right. I was running both at home and in my job in a commercial environment. In the weekend I was tired and needed to recharge in stead of going out with my kids. Premium Coaching helped me to understand some essential things like what (really) boosts my energy levels on a daily basis and how to make effective changes in my life.

What I loved the video calls, because I always ended them feeling motivated and with a smile on my face. I was able to incorporate the tips and tools that Octavi gave, because they were easy (and very effective). The online learning environment made is so easy to find everything I needed and was a real plus. The supportive documents were very helpsful too. Everything together made that I've made way more (and quicker) progress then I imagined.

If you are a busy working parent who wants to feel more balanced and in charge, I cannot recommend Premium Coaching enough."

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Ellen Heesters (Consultant Zorgsector)

Let's get acquainted!

A note from me

For years I guided management teams and boards from various businesses and organizations in how to stay in charge in complex situations. From this unique knowlegde and experience, I now supporting women who juggle it all to create more rest, balance and happiness into their busy lives.

I know that as a mom, you want to do it ALL: being the perfect mother, a great colleague, performing employee, attentive friend etc. The thing is: no-one teaches you how to create a healthy balance when you become a mom. It's a dynamic phase of life in which you can easily drown in busyness.

I know how it feels when your body hits the emergy break due to lang term overwhelm. However, ever I started implementing the theories and skills I taught management teams into my own life. It changed everything. Today it's my mission to support other moms in corporate businesses (and other organizations) to create a healthy work life balance, more rest and energy.

I am known for my practical approach, result orientation, structure and quality. I have seen 50+ organizations and compagnies from the inside due to my work as a leadership consultant and scenario developer. Because of this, I can easily relate to both your professional work dynamics and mom-struggles.  

I can't wait to support you, so that you feel more revived, focussed, empowered and resilient within weeks, so that you feel fully in charge and can enjoy the rest and balance in your life that you deserve.



Get a FREE download!

One of the thing many women struggle with is setting boundaries. You say Yes to things you actually don't want and because of that you are spending your precious spare time in things that are not serving your or bringing you joy, fulfillment or growth. 


As a working parent, I know it's difficult to set boundaries, both professionaly and social circles. With this FREE GUIDE you'll discover 3 easy ways to support you in saying No and maintain the boundaries that you want. 

Get your hands on it while it's free! 


The Premium Coaching Balance & Leadership Program includes:  

  • 6 live online Coach Sessions with Zoom

  • High end personal online learn environment with everything at one place 

  • Supportive documents such as templates, workbooks and exercises  

  • Summary of every session and 'homework' that is easy to fit in your schedule

  • 5 days a week of personale whatsapp-support

  • A fully customized program for maximum & sustainable results 


Schedule a FREE Intake & Strategy Call today.  


  • We'll discuss your question 

  • You will receive advise in terms of the coaching program and support 

  • You know if we are a good fit 

  • You have clearity in how the customized coaching program looks like 

  • You know the added value of Premium Coaching 

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