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Interested in an Team Session to increase engagement, improve team cooperation, trust and productivity? Find below the trainings that I offer.
Feel free however to reach out to discuss your question or team need. I'm happy to think along to make sure you'll get the best answer and maximum results for your team.

Team Training

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Work Happiness 

Employees prefer workplaces where they will feel happy and supported. Happy employees tend to work harder, be more productive and increase company results. Work happiness has become the main determinant of sustainable high performance. Therefore, it is crucial as a company to pay attention this subject. With addressing work happiness in a team training, you show as an organisation that you care about your people.

In the online Training Work Happiness (1,5 - 2 hours via Zoom) we will cover 'where you are now' (and discuss the outcome of a quick survey), what influences your teams work happiness, company culture and how happiness can be improved in a sustainable way. 


  • Insight in your employees work happiness at this moment

  • Open discussion about what influences work happiness

  • Better understanding of the effect of company culture 

  • Team thoughts on how to improve work happiness

  • 3 strategies to boost balance, happiness and success

Team Training

From (too) Busy tot Balance

Talentful employees dropping out because of work related stress and bunout is todays companies No. 1 problem. The thing is, it's quiet hard to manage this on the front side. Reason one, employees generally want to show their best and won't show that they feel stressed out. Two, there's generally too little guidance on this topic from managers and leaders. So, how can we make sure your employees won't get too stressed or even burned out? It all starts with adressing this topic within the team in an open and safe learning environment. 

In the online Training From Busy to Balance (1,5 - 2 hours via Zoom) we'll dive into the cause of stress and what the 5 pillars are to create a sustainable balance and how to achieve better company results by doing less. We will of course talk about the experiences and ideas within the team and how your team can grow stronger and more succesful. 


  • Insight in how your employees experience workload and stress

  • Better understanding of what causes stress on team and individual level

  • You know the 5 pillar framework how to create a healthy balance 

  • Your team members will feel more resilient, energized and motivated how to limit stress in their day-to-day work

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Team Training

Effective Decision Making

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Decision making processes can be complex and time confusing, especially in pressing times. Every organisation can be challenged by an unexpected situations or even threat. From an urgent capacity issue or a situation that brings your business continuity at risk; at any point there are people coming together who are in strategically in charge of the situatie and who have to make impactful decisions. A training in an effective decision making processes not only benefits the people directly involved, but the whole company. 

In the online Training Impactful Decision Making (2 hours via Zoom) we'll cover how a decision making works and which method can be used to execute this in the most effective way. The team will exercise with a ficticious case, that allows you to put the method into practice, but also provides a great learning opportunity in terms of roles, information management and leadership skills.


  • Insights in strategic decision making procedures

  • You know the do's and not's when it comes to decision making

  • You understand the connection between leadership and decision making

  • You have practices decision making with your team with a case 

  • Your team will immediately feel more resilient, trustful and prepared


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