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Did you know that 50% of mums are extremely tired and don't have proper "Me-Time"?

Can you relate? 

Get everything you need to create the downtime to recharge
that you (or your mum / partner) SO deserve!!!


Because you deserve some "Me-Time" to relax and recharge this winter!

As a busy mom, you deserve to relax and unwind. More than most, you feel the pressure of running around all day to stay on top of everything — the mental load is real! But do you leave time for yourself to recharge? It's often not there!

The Mom Relax Box is an EXCLUSIVE curated online box with everything you need to create and enjoy some relaxing down time, so that you feel more energized, resilient and in balance.

The Box includes exercises, trainings and tools from international experts that help you to recharge your body and mind. Order today and you'll get 3 FREE Bonuses (including one exclusive 10 Minute Ibiza Body Flow Exercise)! 

Ready to recharge this winter? Enjoy the Mom Relax Box and the Free Bonuses ONLY TODAY for not € 675,- but only € 47,-!!

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Here's what's inside:  


Module 1

  • Training The first step you Have to take to Create More Rest and a Healthy Balance

  • Exercise to decrease stress with simple techniques

  • Body Scan Exercise to pick up signals and relax 

  • Noga Nidra Meditation - The Power of (Self) Love 

Module 2

  • Solar Energizing Breath Work Exercise
  • Meditation exercise to set and accomplish your goals

  • Self Massage Exercise to Prevent Headaches 


Module 3

  • Lunar Breath Work Exercise to unwind and relaxin the evening 
  • Total relaxation for sleep meditation

  • Workshop Let's have a cup of (sleep tight) tea 

  • Guide with App suggestions for relaxation and better sleep  


Total value: € 597,-


With this package deal, you'll:  


  • Recharged you body and mind and feel more energized and in balance

  • Know how you create more rest in your life in a sustainable way

  • Create more time for yourself to unwind and relax

  • Be albe to unwind in the evening and sleep better

  • Experience less stress and you have tools to decrease headeaches

  • Tons of inspiration to create your ultimate Me-Time Moments that boost your energy and happiness

There's more...

I've got some amazing Bonusses for you... for FREE!

Free Bonus #1!

Get the e-Magazine:
"10 x Me-Time Moments"

With these 10 ideas, your day will be filled with "Me-Time" moments to relax and recharge. Discover which techniques fit best into your daily routines!

After all, you deserve to unwind and recharge — it's true what they say, you can't pour from an empty cup! (Value € 29,-)


Free Bonus #2!

Join me to Ibiza for a 10 minute body flow!

Start your day with an awakened body and new energy! In this 10 minute Yoga Body Flow Exercise, Hannah Swales will help you to recharge your body and mind.

With this beautiful full body workout you will destress your body and create new, fresh energy for the rest of the day.

Are you ready to enjoy Ibiza without having to get in an airplane? :-). You get this exercise (value € 49,-) for free if you purchase today!


Free Bonus #3!

A gorgeous gift voucher to surprise someone

How to make an E-gift more fun to give? With this beautiful and printable gift voucher, you can surprise your friend, partner or mom by handing her an envelope with a print of the voucher inside!

You can customize the voucher by adding her name and login, so she knows exactly where to go! (Value: the fun of giving and seeing a smile on someone's face!)

Pro tip: use a colored envelope, like gold or red.

Get the BEST Mothers Day Gift for yourself or loved one!

The Mom Relax Box has a total
value of € 675,-.

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Denise Bekxens


"What a valuable gift to treat myself! I can highly recommend it!"

Ellen Heesters


"There is such a variety in exercises. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!"

Esmee Sunderland


"This Box is a MUST for every mom who needs to relax and fill her cup!"

Een note from me 

That you have little time for yourself as a mom, it kind of a given fact. However, past years of Covid and lockdown have increased the feeling of stress and anxiety of moms with  50-70% (Paige Bellenbaum, The Motherhood Center).

I remeber how it felt when all the little 'me time moments' disappeared when school and daycare closed due to the lockdown. It was a tough time for many moms.

Now -back in the game- our schedules are packed like before Covid. The household, work, kids... you are running like a hamster in a hamster wheel! 

Because you are doing such a wonderful job juggeling in ALL and because there's no BOX exclusive for busy moms, I decided to create this myself. And with the help of a few brilliant experts around the world! 

I can't wait for you to try out all the exercises and trainings, so that you can boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Let's make your upcoming week a relaxed one, so that you feel totally rejuvinated! 

X - Octavi 

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